Who Controls A+E Networks?

Abbe Raven(Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman, A+E Networks

Nancy Dubuc(Ashkenazi Jew) – President and Chief Executive Officer, A+E Networks

Robert DeBitetto(Sephardic Jew) – President, Brand Strategy, Business Development and A+E Studios, A+E Networks

Jana Bennett(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, BIO and LMN

Melvin Berning(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Ad Sales

Michael Feeney(White European) – Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

Stacy Green(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Gerard Gruosso(Sephardic Jew) – Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Dirk Hoogstra(White European) – Executive Vice President, General Manager, HISTORY and H2

Douglas P. Jacobs(Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Vice President and General Counsel

David McKillop(White European) – Executive Vice President, General Manager, A&E 

Pete Sgro(Sephardic Jew) – Senior Vice President, Production, Operations, Engineering & IT

Sean Cohan(Black) – Executive Vice President, International

Robert Sharenow(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, General Manager, Lifetime

Dan Suratt(Ashkenazi Jew) – Executive Vice President, Digital Media and Business Development

David Zagin(Ashkenazi Jew) – President, Distribution


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